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If Internet Aristocrat has been shown to be a bad person recently, please give me some proof.

I mean stuff he himself has said, not simply the he-said she-said of others.

I was shown proof yesterday in the form of someone who had worked with him earlier last year on an LP channel that stated he constantly threw slurs around. However, in every piece of his work that I have seen, and in his other outlets such as, he does not use slurs.

Notably, I take from this a sense of a change in behavior, rather than a continuing badness. He notably makes regular references that he is an asshole, however from what I’ve seen, this is in reference to his language and general blunter tone.

People have changed more than this in shorter periods of time. I am asking if there is more recent proof. As it stands, based on my personal experience with his works, I would be inclined to stand more on his side.

Before we begin, no, I will not count a difference in opinion as proof of horrid behavior. Remember that not everyone will share your opinion.

My present view is that he is a blunt asshole who is ultimately correct. He does his research and lays out his thoughts in a cohesive manner. He puts in work to show follies and farces. He encourages critical thinking on things that need to be discussed and thought about.

I welcome anyone to give me good reason not to believe this. Change my view. Give me substantial proof.

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