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Head for Juniper, for a partial suit we’re making them. :)

Tried a few new things with this one, though it’s subtle- I’m always looking to make things cleaner, smarter, and prettier. This cute marsupial features good vision and ventilation, hidden vents in the ears, a cute pink rubberized nose, and a floppy hair poof. This is my sixth opossum I’ve done, kinda cool!

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Linkin Park’s Reanimation is one of the greatest remix albums of all time. Bar none.

Listen to Hybrid Theory first, then listen in full glory the beauty and raw energy of Reanimation. It is an utterly different yet as quality work (if not wholly better in my opinion), with a constant undercurrent of the extremely solid album it is the companion to.

When I was a teen, this album never left my portable CD collection. Most of the time, it never even left the player. I was in awe of how different material could be back then; I was well-aware of remixes, I had many a “techno” (urgh) remix of various songs, it was nothing new to me. However, the way the remixes were on Reanimation were markedly different than what I was used to hearing at that point. Remixes that weren’t simply laying vocals over a trance beat, but adding so much new material, even with new lyrics entirely, over beats that changed everything and yet nothing

It was a totally new experience to me at the time, and opened up my kid eyes to the power and fluidity of music, more than most things before it. 12 years later, it still stands as an utterly fantastic album, and one of the tightest, most cohesive remix albums I’ve ever heard.

I still get chills with the “KRWLNG” leitmotifs and climax.



90s Computers: Beige home appliances for the whole family. Put one in your study.

I like to dig through images from old computer ads and magazines. One odd observation I always make is how drastically they changed in just a couple years.

PC sales grew throughout the 80s as tools for offices and hobbyists. But come the 1990s, corporations noticed that growth was slowing down. So around that point they largely ditched the spooky sci-fi inspired imagery and starting doing what Apple had been doing for years: portraying PCs as warm & approachable, with a return to simplistic, Helmut Krone inspired advertising. The idea of the PC as a home necessity was solidified when Web and e-mail exploded in the mid-90s.
And it had good run. We’re in the “one phone and laptop per family member” phase now, and it doesn’t really need to be advertised anymore because it’s part of culture itself.

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